Document Assembly Working Group

Presenter Notes

Questions to answer

  • What made you decide to join?
  • How often should we meet?
  • What structure works for future meetings?

Presenter Notes

Vision for the group

  • Provide a jumpstart for authoring basic forms
  • Provide opportunity for ongoing lessons to advance your skills
  • Develop best practices for future projects
  • Create a knowledgebase inside the organization to maintain existing projects
  • Build an ongoing library of reusable examples, modules, etc.
  • Promote reuse and sharing

Presenter Notes

Places to get help

  • These meetings
  • Docassemble documentation
  • Sample interviews
  • Slack: #GBLS
  • Mailing list?

Presenter Notes

What is Docassemble?

A tool to build document automation and expert systems, with the full power of Python underneath.

Presenter Notes

What is Document Automation?

document assembly diagram

Presenter Notes

What is Python?

A "human readable" programming language, designed to be friendly to new programmers and learners.

print "Hello, World."


Presenter Notes

What makes Docassemble different?

  • Easy to get started with
  • Scalable to your imagination
  • You can do a lot with the most common and easiest to learn features